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  • Weekends Only

    Do you find yourself working out only on the weekends? Your weekdays are hectic and finding time to hit the gym seems next to impossible? You are part of a club we like to call, weekend warriors! While exercising only on the weekends is better than no exercise at all, in this post we share the tips to make the most of your routine. […]

    Sore After A Workout?

    Whether you are returning to the gym after the holidays, starting an exercise program, or have raised the intensity of your workouts, you may experience muscle soreness a day or two after your workouts. In this post, I share what to expect, why, and how to best recover to stay on track with your fitness goals. […]

    Free Smartphone Apps for Weight Loss

    January marks a new year and for many a time to set goals or resolutions. Is one of yours to lose weight? In this post, I list 10 of the most popular apps to help you reach your goal. […]

    They Say…

    We would like to take this opportunity to share some client feedback, endorsements, and testimonials. It is our pleasure and privilege to have partnered with both our corporate and personal training clients on their fitness journey at work and at home. […]

    Fix My Posture!

    Do you slouch? Do you sit for long periods at a time? And find your muscles fatigue? Have you heard of ‘Text Neck’, ‘Rounded-in Shoulders’, or ‘Rounded Upper Back aka hunchback’? The way we stand, sit, and work affects our posture and over time poor posture affects our health making us susceptible to pain and injury. It’s easier than you think to improve your posture. In this blog, I share the postural exercises that you can do every day and take little time to do!


    Post-Workout Oversights

    You’ve just finished a workout, gave it your all, and feel good. Now what? The last thing you want to do is undo your hard work. In this post, I share the most common mistakes one can make after exercising. […]

    Beating To Your Target Heart Rate

    After your warm up, a complete workout schedule includes cardio respiratory training, and some keep their heart rate in check. Why? How? What is your ideal target? In this post, I share the answers, providing an easy reference to help new and avid fitness goers get results. […]

    To Eat or Not To Eat- your quick guide to exercise nutrition

    Do I eat or not before working out? What do I eat and when? What should I eat after working out? In this post, I share the dos and don’t’s when it comes to exercise nutrition. Suggested Pre-and-Post workout meals help you prepare and recover from your exercise routine. […]

    It’s Not Just About Your Weight

    Are your fitness goals to lose or gain weight, get in shape, increase flexibility, strength, or gain muscle tone?

    Often, it the ‘other’ benefits of exercise that one experiences before a tangible fitness goal such as weight loss or muscle mass. These goals are achievable, yet the first paybacks are the foundations to living a healthy lifestyle. […]

    My Wrists Hurt!

    Do you shy away from doing mountain climbers, Burpees, push ups, dips, and/or a front plank because of your wrists? As a trainer, I often hear clients say they can’t do these exercises because their wrists hurt or are too weak. In this blog post, I share the strengthening exercises that will get you performing mountain climbers and the like pain-free! […]

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